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Failure Analysis & Expert Witness Services

Impartial Expert Witnesses

Competent, experienced, and knowledgeable expert witness services are difficult to find, especially ones that provide comprehensive laboratory testing, failure analysis, and materials engineering capabilities all under one group. At CMI we offer all of these aspects, and more by working with one of our affiliate laboratories Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc. in West Boylston, MA. Our proven record of success speaks for itself.

Objective & Impartial Analyses

When you are faced with the problem of why a device, instrument, equipment, or structure has failed in service, our expertise in advanced testing techniques, along with materials engineering and analysis can frequently provide the answers to your challenges. After all, our multidisciplinary testing and consulting services are ideally suited to meet the diverse needs required for litigation, insurance, and materials engineering challenges. Our lab services are cost-effective. 

Whether you have a large group, you are an individual consultant, or you have your own expert, we welcome you to utilize our facility and personnel to establish protocols and to conduct your own independent investigations.

Metal Scans

We are an independent Group of laboratories that will provide an objective and impartial analysis along with a comprehensive report of our findings that we are willing to back-up in court. We will represent either the plaintiff or defendant. We provide professional litigation assistance in cases involving the following:

Product Liability Property Damage Accidents

Other Claims That include the following:

Failure Analysis
Forensic Engineering
Materials Engineering Support
Expert Testimony
Legal Deposition

Failure Analysis & Materials Engineering

When failures occur, we get to the root cause with our investigative expertise. Our experts have extensive experience with many aspects of materials engineering, failure analysis, and professional materials consulting. With experience and knowledge in many aspects of manufacturing processes, product performance, and design criteria, our line of professional service are second to none.

We combine our materials testing and materials engineering knowledge to determine how and why a product, device, component, or structure has failed. Whether related to field service failures or in-house production problems, we use our understanding of materials testing along with our engineering expertise to identify failure modes and mechanisms, to perform root cause failure analysis, and to provide corrective action recommendations.

Our experts and engineers utilize their knowledge of metallurgy, materials science, and mechanical engineering to perform finite element analysis when applicable. Finite element analysis (FEA) can be used to develop computer modeling that will help us to determine failure related phenomenon such as:

Stress & Strain Thermal Expansion Elastic & Plastic Deformation
Deflection Reaction to Temperature Other Related Mechanical Forces