We're moving!

What’s Happening

It’s been five years since Acuren Inspection acquired The MMR Group and its three principal businesses - Connecticut Metallurgical, Massachusetts Materials Research and Lehigh Testing Laboratories.  In that time, we’ve added staff, capabilities, equipment and approvals at all three locations.  Now it’s time to bring two of the three businesses together under one roof.

The businesses formerly known as Connecticut Metallurgical and Massachusetts Materials Research will be merged into one bigger, stronger, faster entity and rebranded as Acuren Inspection.  This merger combines the strengths of both labs and importantly gives CMI clients immediate access to a machine shop to support mechanical testing.

During the week of October 2, we’ll be moving Connecticut Metallurgical to our purpose-built facility in West Boylston, MA.  Construction in West Boylston to make room for additional instruments and staff is complete and staging has been engineered to restrict down time for each department to one day.  Metallography will move on October 2, mechanical testing on October 3 and chemistry will move on October 4.  Each department will be back up and running on the day following the move.

Quality Considerations

There will be no impact to industry certifications or OEM approvals.  CMI’s Nadcap accreditation has been extended through November 30 to give us time to move after which we’ll undergo a full scope re-accreditation audit.  Although CMI and MMR both underwent ISO/IEC 17025 audits earlier this year, the move will necessitate a new audit for the combined entity.  In anticipation of this day, we homogenized the Quality Management Systems for both entities so the merger will be seamless from that perspective.


We will begin a regular pick-up service in the beginning of October.  Contact us if you’d be interested in hearing more about this service.

Alternatively, starting October 2 test material may be shipped to:

Acuren Inspection, Inc.
1500 Century Drive
West Boylston, MA 01583



Purchase orders may be made out to Acuren Inspection, Inc. starting immediately.  However, we realize that name changes can pose challenges to Procurement and Quality teams so we will continue to accept POs addressed to CMI or Connecticut Metallurgical.

Accounts payable will be unchanged by the merger.

Still have questions?  Please contact john dot baldasaro at acuren.com.

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