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  • Composition Analysis
    Experience is key when it comes to Analytical Chemistry. Our Chemists combine their years of experience with modern techniques and equipment to provide accurate, reliable results. They have experience and knowledge involving many types of materials including metals, polymers, residues, and deposits.
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  • Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis
    Superior metallurgical testing services should include the capabilities to perform microscopic, macroscopic and scanning electron microscope examinations. Our metallurgists and materials analysts have experience with all three. We cover a wide variety of material microstructures and are versed in many aspects of materials science.
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  • Mechanical Testing, Creep & Stress Rupture
    Mechanical testing is used to determine a materials strength by applying loads that pull, compress, impact, bend, or cycle the material. These techniques can be used to verify proper processing as well as to help determine a materials durability and performance capability in everyday applications.
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  • Corrosion Testing
    Environmental degradation of materials related to corrosion accounts for $280 billion dollars per year in damage to metallic structures. Our salt fog testing chamber and other corrosion testing protocols can help to ensure failure prevention resulting from exposure to certain harsh environments.
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  • Failure Analysis and Materials Engineering 
    When failures occur, we get to the root cause with our investigative expertise. Our experts have extensive experience with many aspects of materials engineering, failure analysis, and professional materials consulting. With experience and knowledge in many aspects of manufacturing processes, product performance, and design criteria, our line of professional service are second to none.
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  • Expert Witness Services
    Competent, experienced, and knowledgeable expert witness services are difficult to find. Especially ones that provide comprehensive laboratory testing, failure analysis, and materials engineering capabilities all under one roof. At CMI we offer all of these aspects, and more. Our proven record of success speaks for itself.
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