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  Corrosion Testing

Salt Spray- ASMT B117 Salt Spray Cabinet

CMI performs salt spray/ salt fog testing per ASTM B117. Salt spray testing provides a controlled corrosive environment that is used to produce relative corrosion resistance information for metallic specimens, both coated and uncoated, when exposed to a given set of conditions within a controlled test chamber.

Samples are placed in a sealed salt fog chamber or cabinet, which mixes hot air and a salt solution to create a corrosive environment that is intended to simulate weathering and potential corrosion that metals and other components would experience in nature over long periods of time.

Stress Corrosion Cracking SpecimenIntergranular Attack- ASTM A262 

Testing is performed to five different standard practices or methods used for detecting the susceptibility of austenitic stainless steels to Intergranular attack.

The standard covers a variety of processes to include preparation of test specimens, apparatus setup and testing procedures, calculations, rapid screening tests, and reporting information for each testing practice.


Other Corrosion Testing Service Include:

Corrosion Testing of Titanium per PWA-MCL E205 and ASTM F945 

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