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Quality Statement

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  • GE T2784
  • ISO/IES 17025
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • The fundamental mission of Connecticut Metallurgical is to help our customers reduce their risk of selling a product or process that does not meet their specified technical requirements. This mission finds its expression in the way we go about the task of providing full-service independent laboratory testing, failure investigations, and other collateral services.

    Our product is an accurate, reliable, understandable, timely and cost effective report.

    The primary company policy is to provide a variety of high quality testing services. Our quality program is periodically surveyed and qualified to the most stringent requirements of the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, and other critical industries.

    Implementation of our quality assurance program is the responsibility of all personnel who perform work within its scope. The development and maintenance of the quality assurance program and the preparation of the CMI Quality Assurance Manual is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager and is directly overseen by the General Manager.

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