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Welcome. Connecticut Metallurgical Inc. (CMI) is one of three affiliate companies. Our sister companies each have their own specialty, which allows us to help you get the services you need. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, our consulting company specializes in the practical application of materials testing, failure analysis, and materials engineering. We take great pride in our quality assurance and conformity testing services as well as our expert witness services. You can trust us with your material composition analysis, metallography, and metallurgical analysis, scanning electron microscopy, as well as your mechanical, creep and stress rupture testing needs. 

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Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine

Man Working on a Machine


Composition Analysis
Corrosion Testing
Expert Witness Services
Failure Analysis and Materials Engineering
Mechanical Testing, Creep & Stress Rupture
Mellography and Meallurgical Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Taber Abrasion Testing


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